My intention :

My objective has been to create a safe environment for individuals and couples, with everyone being welcome to my door.

Here, I support you in working through whatever is holding you back, from your ideal life – whether it be a painful past, finding freedom from ongoing struggles, growing into your true self, or thriving in your life and relationships.

This image is of Indigo Counselling Services’ private practice

I believe trust is built through genuine honesty and authenticity.

My intentions, as your counsellor, is to :-

  • fully understand your problem
  • work with you to develop achievable goals
  • identify and encourage realistic strategies (action plans), so that you can obtain these goals
  • and support you as you take practical steps towards your desired outcome


My Counselling Style :

My counselling style is catered to YOU and YOUR presenting concerns.  It has developed through my empathetic understanding of many of life’s challenges. You’ll find me to be engaging, conversational and relatable, as we work together to navigate our way through your problem. I am very comfortable holding space for you (listening and walking along side you, without judgement) – as you consider options we’ve discussed.


My 5 Fundamental Values

which underpins everything I say and do

1. Everyone deserves to be heard … and feel heard

2. All of us face and handle challenges differently – we are unique, so too will be the approach and method used.

3. Every person has a right to feel safe and live in a safe environment

4. I’m committed to beneficence : promoting my clients’ well-being

5. Working together to develop realistic strategies and action plans to obtain your goals – and supporting you as you take practical steps to complete them.


Breast Cancer Support :

My personal experience as a breast cancer survivor equips me with both knowledge and empathy, to assist you with your navigation through this ordeal.

After the shock of diagnosis, many women are left reeling with a variety of emotions, including some confusion regarding the process ahead. This is where I’m able to sit with you, answer your questions, and explain some of what can be expected in the days and weeks ahead – because I once stood, where you now stand.

Whether it’s a phone chat, text messages offering encouragement, face to face counselling in the privacy of my private practice in Maleny or visits to your home or hospital after surgery, I offer my personal support with compassion – to patients and their family members.